Elf Nethermancer


Astral Spear (1)
Bone Dance (1)
Command Nightflyer (1)
Mount Scare (1)
Spirit Dart (1)
Spirit Grip (1) – M – Shadow Claw!
Undead struggle (1)

First Circle
Discipline Talents: Astral Sight (1), Karma Ritual (1), Read/Write Magic (1), Spellcasting (3), Spell Matrix (1) , Thread Weaving [Nethermancy] (1)

Knowledge skills (rank + PER)
- Military Organizations (1)
- Alchemy and Potions (1)
Artisan skills (rank + cha)
- Embroidery (1)
Language Skills
- Speak Language (2) – Human, Elf
- Write Language (1) – Human
General Skills
- Avoid Blow 1
- Detect Trap 1
- Fast Hand 1
- First Impression 1
- Flirting 1
- Haggle 1
- Lock Picking 1
- Picking Pockets 1

Adventurer’s Kit

  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Flint & Steel
  • Torch
  • Waterskin
  • Large Sack

Embroidering’s Kit (Artisan Tools)
Soft Boots
Traveler’s Cloak
Trail Rations – 1 Week
Hide Armor (50 silver)

DEX 12 (5) + 9 | 18 (7)
STR 10 (5) – 1 | 9 (4)
TOU 8 (4)
PER 11 (5) + 7 | 16 (7)
WIL 11 (5) + 7 | 16 (7)
CHA 11 (5) +3 | 14 (6)

Death: 28
Uncon: 19
Wound: 7
Recovery tests: 2
Movement Rate: 7
Karma Modifier: 4
Initiative: 7

Physical: 7 | 10
Spell: 7 | 9
Social: 7 | 8

Physical: 0 + 5 Hide = 5
Mystic: 2 + 1 hide = 3


Appearance: Dressed in stylish clothes, and donning a cloaked hood. He has the air of someone who is confident in his ability and comfortable in his skin. He has slicked back mane of deep violet (almost black) hair that falls just past his shoulders. He has pale skin and golden eyes, and sharp – almost predatory – looking features. He is just above average elf height at 6’4 and weighs just less than average, at 140lbs. He is wiry, but attractively so. While many people are nervous and not sure what to make of him – they find that he has a zeal for enjoying life.

Family: His father is a Captain in the Kaer police force. His twin brother is an initiate thief. His mother died from sickness years earlier. The brothers are a rebellious pair, rejecting their father and choosing diciplines that are not always seen as reputable. Neither of them (currently) has any family of their own.

Moral code: Like most Nethermancers, He is a master of moral relativism, holding to few absolute rules of behavior. The Discipline teaches that knowledge itself is neither good nor evil; it can only be put to good or evil uses. Nethermancers generally define “good” as a long-term result; since they view death as a change of state rather than a permanent end, they generally give the possible deaths of Namegivers less weight than others might.

Special qualities: He has a knack for levity, not that he is unable to grasp the seriousness of a situation – but sometimes he gives the impression that he couldn’t care less. In truth, he just wears a mask of nanchalance. On the inside he is very calm and calculating, and finds that when other people panic it just slows him down.

Likes: Despite being a Nethermancer who has an affinity for fear, death and other planes – He has a zest for life. He enjoys wine, women and mixing the two. The more he comes to understand about death, the more he enjoys shamelessly celebrating life. He is usually seen with a piece of candy. If he can get away with it he will share a few drinks with a pretty lady.
Dislikes: Authority. He and his brother had a bad falling out with their dad. He also dislikes vegetables.

Relationship with Master: Ghandjoon is a cynical old bat. He enjoys trying to make her laugh.


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