Phylinius Goldstar

Human Troubador


Phylinius Goldstar

1. Choose Discipline

2. Choose a Race
Human (Movement Rate 6, Karma Bonus 5)

3. Generate Attributes
DEX 12
STR 11
TOU 12
PER 13
WIL 13
CHA 13

4. Determine Characteristics
Physical Armor: 5
Mystic Armor: 2
Physical Defense: 7
Spell Defense: 7
Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 34
Unconsciousness Rating: 26
Wound Threshold: 9
Current Damage: 8
Recovery Tests: 2
Initiative: 7
Karma: 5 x (Karma Ritual Talent Rank)
Movement Rate: 6
Carrying Capacity: 51 Pounds

5. Record Racial Abilities
None Special

6. Assign Talent Ranks and Spells
Versatility 0
Haggle 1 CHA
Melee Weapons 1 DEX
First Impression 1 CHA
Impress 1 CHA
Karma Ritual
Special Language (Dwarf) 1 PER

7. Assign Skill Ranks
Bribery 2 CHA
Distract 1 CHA
Streetwise 1 CHA
Hunting 1 DEX
Diplomacy 1 CHA
Detect Trap 1 PER
Detect Wespon 1 PER
Legends & Heroes 2 PER
Musician 1 CHA
Speak Language (Human) 2 PER
Read/Write Language (Dwarf) 1 PER

8. Equip the Character
Adventurer’s Kit
Flint & Steel
Large Sack
Fife (Artisan Tools)
Soft Boots
Traveler’s Cloak
Tri Spear
Hyde Armor
35 Silver



Phylinius is short, 5’6", and is not at all fit. Not so much obese as just out of shape. Light skin, unkempt dark hair, and 33 years of age.

Phylinius was an orphan at an early age. Having his mother and father succumb to the entertaining atmosphere of musicians and taverns, he often got left alone tending to himself. As Phylinus grew, his parents did not abandon their lifestyle. Phylinius tended to the family matters and to the grounds while his parents slipped deeper into their demented state. One day, Phylinius’s parents did not come home.

Realizing what a profound effect certain people could have on others and with no company around the home any more, Phylinius started learning how to properly speak to people to procure desirable reactions. Self teaching himself skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, bribery, misdirection, and basic psychology, he was able to get people to do what they wanted, usually without question.

When the people that Phylinius manipulated caught wise, he was abandoned, again. Feeling down and out, Phylinius went a tavern to drown himself in misery when he heard a majestic voice amidst the crowd: Marliena Swordswinger. Entranced by the way she sung and held a power over the crowd as they went crazy, Phylinius waited around for the opportunity to personally talk to her.

During the conversation, Phylinius used his skills sets to make a lasting first impression. He explained that he wanted more from life (as he was so unhappy that he had no group of people to be a part of anymore). Marliena taught him the ways of showmanship – to be able to control a room without them knowing while appearing likeable and genuine. Realizing that music could be the key to this, Phylinius went to make a humble fife – which he now idolizes as the object that was the start of his new life and the object that might be the key to finding what happened to his parents.

Phylinius Goldstar

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