1. Choose Discipline
2. Choose a Race
Human (Movement Rate 6, Karma Bonus 5)
3. Generate Attributes
DEX 16
STR 13
TOU 14
PER 14
WIL 11
CHA 11
4. Determine Characteristics
Physical Armor: 5
Mystic Armor: 2
Physical Defense: 9
Spell Defense: 8
Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 36
Unconsciousness Rating: 28
Wound Threshold: 10
Recovery Tests: 3
Initiative: 7
Karma: 5 x (Karma Ritual Talent Rank)
Movement Rate: 6
Carrying Capacity: 70
5. Record Racial Abilities
None Special
6. Assign Talent Ranks and Spells
Melee Weapons 3 (Warrior)
Steel Thought 1 (Weaponsmith)
Parry 1 (Swordmaster)
Blood Share 1 (Cavalryman)
Lionheart 1 (Air Sailor)
Karma Ritual 1 (Journeyman)
7. Assign Skill Ranks
Artisan (Storytelling) 1 (CHA)
Avoid Blow 1 (DEX)
Diplomacy 1 (CHA)
Heartening Laugh 1 (CHA)
Knowledge (Discipline Lore) 1 (PER)
Knowledge (Legends and Heroes) 1 (PER)
Physician 3 (PER)
Read/Write Language (Dwarf)
Second Attack 1 (DEX)
Speak Language (Dwarf)
Speak Language (Human)
8. Equip the Character
Adventurer’s Kit
Flint & Steel
Large Sack
Physician’s Kit (Artisan Tools)
Soft Boots
Traveler’s Cloak
Track Rations – 1 Week
Battle Axe (35 silver)
Hide Armor (50 silver)
15 silver


Korrin is short, 5’10", but muscular and somewhat stocky. He has medium brown skin, reddish shoulder-length hair, and green eyes.

Korrin’s mother and father run one of the taverns in the Kaer, providing food and drinks to people and generally providing for the place’s upkeep. As such, Korrin grew up around a variety of interesting people, and has had trouble ever since sticking to one path when he became an adept. Eventually he settled on the path of the Journeyman. While not necessarily well-respected, he’s managed to earn himself a temporary apprenticeship with a number of the Kaer’s masters over the past few years.

Recently, Korrin has been seen prowling taverns with Spilvan the Red. The popular rumor is that Spilvan finally gave in to Korrin’s requests for apprenticeship when Korrin provided him with a working hangover remedy.

Korrin’s previous masters include:
Rokku the cavalryman, with whom he tended horses for several months before moving on.
Helman the air sailor, who taught Korrin how to brave the jumps over the city’s rooftops.
Elmar the Weaponsmith, who taught Korrin how to focus his thoughts and willpower to a single task, something Elmar complains to this day was a difficult task.
Flim Vreen, who taught Korrin how to fight with his axe, while Korrin helped him patrol the streets of the Kaer. It’s rumored that at least one of the two songs about Flim was written by Korrin.


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